Buffet items
Sweet taste

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Suggestions for small sweet bites
Tarts with fresh strawberries on crisp tart filled with pastry cream and a drop of strawberry puree18-22
Mini lemon pie with fluffy meringue and fruit juice from lemon and lime18-22
Soux almond stuffed with rich cream and patisserie decór almond whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar25-30
Soux fluffy candy with thee filled with cream patisserie and candy coated well done25-30
Mini eklairs filled with chocolate cream flavored with brandy and chocolate30-35
Mini kokes with soft soles slightly siropiasmenous coke, cream filling and chocolate patisserie 25-30
Afrikanakia slightly siropiasmena savagiar filled with chocolate cream, decorated with chocolate flakes25-30
Chionoules slightly siropiasmena savagiar filled with coconut cream, decorated with chopped white coconut25-30
Ergolavy with fluffy dough coated with almond and apricot jam 25-30
Amygdalota cream-filled 25-30
Truffles chocolate truffle dipped in milk25-30
Rocks chocolate coated roasted almonds25-30
Wrapped sweets - chocolate pastry, chocolate and Carioca nut, Bull savagiar with fluffy cream and chocolate milk 25-30
Chocolate Treats - treats wrapped with real dark chocolate, milk and white, hazelnut and almond praline, roasted nuts, crisp wafer, toffee, handmade marzipan and many more ingredients in dozens of flavors25-30
Milk chocolates, white chocolate and health45-50
Chocolate milk and health, without filling, chocolate with genuine 45-50
Proposals for the treat of your guests
Cakes in a variety of flavors are produced daily for you
Profyterol soudakia stuffed with fluffy cream patisserie topped with chocolate sauce
Tarts with crunchy biscuit base, cream patisserie and fresh whole strawberries
Lemon pie, cream patisserie with juice from lemon and lime and fluffy meringue on a crisp biscuit base
Ice cream cakes in over 10 unique flavors
Stergiou made ice cream with fresh milk
Sweet Beirut in tins in our products we use butter, milk and syrup with our secret recipe
Galaktompoureko with multiple layers of crisp phyllo, butter milk and filled with rich cream galaktoboureko
Sweets with authentic oriental recipes
Pastes in a wide variety of delicious flavors
Millefeuille with multiple layers of crunchy leaves and rich cream patisserie
Unique Paris Brest with patisserie cream and fresh strawberries
Pavlova with crisp meringue and fresh fruit kalodialegmena
Macarons with fluffy cream patisserie and raspberry
Authentic Panna Cotta with raspberry or caramel
Eklair filled with cream patisserie and chocolate coated milk chocolate or health and roasted nuts
Macarons chocolate, vanilla, lemon, raspberry, orange, pistachio with authentic French recipe
Beige in unique flavors with vanilla, rose, pistachio, cinnamon, chocolate, caramelized almonds
Suggestions to accompany your coffee 
Cookies in different flavors 30-35
Vanilla or chocolate cookies, a large variety of different fillings of apricot jam, hazelnut praline and nut25-30
Crunchy biscuits
Crunchy breadsticks with sesame seeds, whole grain and multigrain30-35
Baton chalet salty110-120
Keiks at unique flavors
Buns leavened with genuine oriental recipe
Stuffed Buns
Apple pie in a crunchy biscuit base, whole pieces of apple, jam, butter caramel, walnuts and cinnamon
Suggestions for children's party
Birthday Cakes
The birthday of a child is the most important day, the day that they welcome their friends and they are the first of the party. The moment we put out the candles on the cake is the best moment of the evening. Choose, then, the birthday cake of your little ones through the wide variety of flavors and Stergiou performances to be sure the high quality and pure materials. Have your child really happy and pleasantly surprise his friends. Decorate the cake with his favorite game, the hero of fairy tales, his favorite team. For the girls choose their favorite princess or the tale of their dreams. Alternatively create with us a unique cake with your favorite photo! (See our suggestions)
Do not forget to ask for candles and fireworks that will give a special color and sparkle to your party and will thrill the kids!
The most favorite of all ages, with the signing of Stergiou quality, is really pure! Enjoy handmade chocolates made with real milk chocolate. Choose from a wide variety of flavors. An original idea is to offer handmade chocolates to your friends at your child's birthday party, really excited! As for your own friends ... surely would have already tried!
Suggestions for your wedding
For the most beautiful moment of your life you could not settle for anything less than perfect and of course you want the cake to be wonderful! That's why our specialist will understand the style of your wedding and reception and we will offer you exactly what suits you. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and flavors, or you can describe the cake you've dreamed of. Using the freshest ingredients, we will create for you a cake that will make sweetest your new start. On this day every detail is important and the wedding cake will have a central role! (See our suggestions)
Suggestions for christening
The day to baptize your baby has come and you want this moment to be full of beautiful memories for you and your guests. You should, therefore, sweeten this time selecting the christening cake and treats that will offer, through a wide variety of options that we recommend. Profyterolakia, biskotino, kokakia, pralines, chocolate. Stergiou quality will satisfy even the most demanding guests and everybody will give you the sweetest wishes!(See our suggestions)

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