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Available at our outlets since 17/7/12
Hot buffetPieces / kilo
Curu feta cheese pie


Curu spinach pie


Curu sausage pie30-35
Curu chicken pie 30-35
Cheese pie25-30
Sausage pie25-30
Ham-cheese pie 25-30
Small Potatoes pie 15-20
Rolled spinach pie and cheese18-22
Rolled spinach pie 18-22
Triangle cheese pie  20-25
Triangle spinach pie and cheese20-25
Triangle spinach pie 20-25
Triangle mushrooms pie 20-25
Green pepper rolling pie and basil 25-30
Rolling sausage pie 25-30
  Cold buffetPieces / kilo
Croissant smoked ham, edam and mayo sauce20-22
Croissant turkey, edam and light mayo20-22
Brioche chicken fillet and caesar's sauce23-25
Brioche pariza and cream cheese20-22
Tramenzini tuna salad20-22
Tramenzini prosciutto and basil mayo sauce32.34
   Toast towersPieces/tower
Smoked ham, edam cheese24
Smoked turkey, edam cheese and light mayo sauce24
Tuna, mayo sauce and iceberg24
Sauce roquefort and yogurt, cream cheese and walnuts
You can visit our outlets to taste our products, before your order.
We can prepare our products on serving plates, ready for your buffet.
Please inform us at least two days before your pick up date.
 Lenten/ Vegetarian

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