Certified Quality
We produce a wide variety of products, so we can cover all different tastes according to bakery products, pastry and sandwiches.


  • We use excellent raw materials, pure ingredients and our production processes are the key factors in our high quality.
  • In our modern lab we analyze the behavior of our products throughout their life, ensuring absolute security for our consumers.
  • Our products are arriving quickly and always fresh daily to our customers, with our specially designed trucks, ensuring quality to the final recipient.
  •  Following the fast development of modern computerization we have installed a direct billing system to our delivery sites.
  • We have created a distribution network able to respond to the vast mass and our customers, developing long-term, stable and exemplary cooperations.


So, our procedures and hygiene standards, combining with the most advanced technology and our years of experience, lead to the ultimate quality control of our products, for the benefit of our customers.
Certificate ISO 22.000:2005
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